5 Features To Look For In A Retail Point Of Sale System

6 October 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog


When you are running a small retail business, you need an advanced point of sale system that will allow you to track all of your inventory and make efficient sales. It is essential to find a system that will enable you to manage your business as efficiently as possible.

Quick Keys

With a retail business, there are going to be items that you sell more of than others. A POS system with quick keys can make it easy for your employees to look up information about your most commonly sold items. That way, for the things that you sell and that bring you the most business, you can quickly look them up and find information on them.

Beyond that, you want a POS that allows quick and easy searching right from the sell screen. That will let employees quickly look up the product's information when asked to do so by a customer.

Multiple Payment Options

It is essential to have a POS that allows for multiple payment options. Debit and credit cards are not the only methods people want to use for buying items. You want to be able to stay on top of things and accept mobile payments as well.

You will also want to have a POS that allows you to split payments up for customers, so if a customer wants to pay with multiple payment options, you will have that ability.

Return Ability

It is also essential to be able to offer your customers returns, refunds, exchanges, and store credit. These are all features that are essential for providing your customers with good service. You want to work with a POS that makes it easy for you to offer these functions to your employees.

User Accounts

With a retail store, you are more than likely going to have multiple employees working the registers. With a user account system, you will be able to create a user account for each employee. That will allow you to track sales for different employees and allow for you to see what type of sales and activities each employee is taking. This can help you with employee coaching and accountability.

Customer Facing Display

In a retail setting, customers will want to see what is happening as they are being rung up. You want a POS that has a secondary screen that can be used to face the customers. You also probably want that screen to allow customers to see how their items are being rung up and what they are being charged for.

When looking for a POS for a retail system, you will want to look for a wide range of features that will allow your retail business to do business efficiently. You will want to look for a POS with quick keys, easy inventory lookup, multiple payment options, returnability, user accounts, and a customer-facing display. Contact a POS system provider to learn more.