Smart Home Products Ideal For At-Home Workouts

7 January 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you enjoy working out at home, your daily routines and process can completely change with smart home products. Smart home technology can make workouts easy and build a routine you follow on a daily basis.

Consider the following products and learn about the benefits when used directly for exercise and fitness.

Voice Assistant Hubs

The core of a smart home workout area is a voice assistant. As you work out and get sweaty, you do not want to manually grab remotes, cell phones, or other devices. Control everything with hands-free technology using a voice assistant hub.

The voice technology allows you to speak commands while you workout, creating fewer delays. For example, if you want to dim the light, you do not need to get off an exercise bike or treadmill to go and manually hit a switch. You can simply talk to a voice assistant hub and make the changes.

A voice assistant can also help with exercise timers. For example, you can ask a voice assistant to set a 30-minute timer. You will receive audio notifications when the 30 minutes are up.

Smart Speaker Technology

A voice assistant can connect directly to smart speaker technology. Music is often a big motivator when working out, and you can enjoy all kinds of music with a smart speaker connection. For example, you can ask a smart speaker to load a workout playlist. You can connect to streaming services to hear some of the newest tracks.

The connections give you a chance to mix up your music options and change songs without interrupting or delaying a workout.

Smart Thermostats

When you work out, the core temperature of your body changes. The installation of a smart thermostat will help you control temperatures and change settings. For example, if you have central air, you can program a smart thermostat to turn on halfway through your workout and provide some relief.

During the winter, you can start with the heat on and gradually turn the heat down as your body warms up.

Smart Outlets

If you use extra accessories while you work out, then a smart outlet can help control the devices. For example, you may plug in a cooling fan to help you during intense workouts. You may rely on a defuser to essential oils during a yoga session. A smart plug can rely on voice commands to easily turn devices on and off as needed.

The more smart devices you add, the easier it becomes to have a natural flow to all of your workout routines. Visit a smart home store today to see what products are available.