Why Satellite Phones Are Great for Equestrians

27 October 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Satellite phones are handy for many people, including those who own and work with horses. These are just some of the primary reasons why equestrians can benefit from owning satellite phones.

Many Farms are Located in Rural Areas

Many people who own and work with horses purchase properties in rural areas. After all, it is often hard for horse enthusiasts to find properties that are large enough for their needs when they look in the city or the suburbs. Zoning issues can also pose problems for equestrians, too. Even though many equestrians find that rural living is great for them and their horses in a lot of ways, one problem that some people have is not getting good cell phone reception in these rural areas. Luckily, satellite phones, such as the MSAT G2, can be used in even the most rural of areas. Even horse farm owners who have pieces of property that are way off the beaten path will not have trouble communicating.

Equestrians Often Ride in Secluded Areas

Even those who don't keep their horses in deeply rural areas often end up spending time in these more secluded areas when they're working with horses. For example, many riders like to hit the trails and take their horses deep into the woods or the mountains where they might not have cell reception. For the safety of these riders, having a satellite phone that can be used on riding trails that might be located anywhere can be a smart decision.

Many Satellite Phones Are Very Durable

Many equestrians are nervous about bringing along their regular smartphones with them when they are spending time in the barn or hitting the trails. After all, many smartphones are pretty expensive, and they can sometimes be easy to break. When equestrians are working with their horses, there is always the chance that they could drop and break their phones. Plus, along with worrying about dropping a phone while on the back of a horse or having a phone stepped on by one of these large creatures, many horse enthusiasts also worry about getting their nice smartphones dirty when they're working with horses. Luckily, since satellite phones are often used by people who like spending time outdoors, many of these phones are made to be quite durable. This makes them a great fit for a person who is worried about damaging a more traditional smartphone while working with and riding horses.