Are Your Legal Marketing Leads Failing To Convert? Consider High-Quality Incentives

11 September 2018
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Marketing for a law firm is always going to be a major challenge. That's because you need to make sure you market their services accurately and intrigue potential customers quickly and efficiently. One of the best ways to do that is to offer incentives to customers.

Leads Are Important In Marketing

Marketing is all about getting high-quality leads from potential customers. That's why so many articles online have a call-to-action section at the bottom. Your legal marketing materials need to convince people to contact you, either through phone calls or e-mails.

However, all of these leads are useless if they don't convert. That's because you'll be getting leads on POTENTIAL customers but not turning that potential into actual services. For example, somebody might call you to learn about your services but decline to hire you because they feel no reason to hire you. 

Unfortunately, conversion is particularly hard in the legal world because you have to prove that you are a better candidate than dozens of other law firms that offer similar or identical services. One of the best ways to convert these leads is to offer an incentive to your customer. These are typically simple prizes or cash-off benefits that intrigue a buyer and get them to hire you for a job. Integrating these into your marketing scheme is easier than you might think.

Incentives To Consider As A Legal Firm

The importance of incentives for legal marketing simply cannot be ignored. As a result, it is essential to take the time to really brainstorm a few concepts that you think will work for your company. Just a few that are a good idea to offer on your website include:

  • Cash-back guarantees
  • Sales on certain types of legal acts
  • Legal bundles for tax season
  • Free t-shirts or gear
  • Absolutely free initial advice
  • Cash prizes and more

It might seem silly to offer these kinds of incentives to your customers. However, just imagine how effective they can be for your business. For example, would you rather go to a law firm that offered sales on certain legal actions or spend more on a company offering the same services? Most people are going to respond to free items, particularly if they are beneficial.

So don't hesitate to talk to your legal marketing firm about what time of incentives would work the best for your company. Not every type is going to be effective for every company, so don't hesitate to brainstorm a few that you think would work well for you. Visit a website like to learn more about lead conversion.