3 Things That Should Be Done Before Moving Data Center Hardware

5 September 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Your data center probably has a lot of different hardware. If you're moving the data center, all of this hardware obviously has to come with you. A data center move isn't something to do too quickly, but doing a few things before actually moving the hardware helps.

1. Cleaning Hardware

Cleaning might not seem like part of the job when you're moving your data center. It should be, though. Even if you generally do a good job of keeping your data center neat and clean, dust is going to accumulate some of your hardware. Some of this dust and debris might not have even been noticed until you start disassembling and moving everything around. Don't just package your hardware without cleaning it off first. Cleaning hardware before it's packed helps prevent the dust and debris from becoming further lodged in the hardware while it's being moved. It also helps you avoid bringing debris into your clean new data center, and it'll help your equipment run better when it's all installed again in its new location.

2. Labeling Everything

Labeling is important in just about any moving project, whether you're moving the dishes from your house or if you're moving files from one office to another. It's equally as important when you're moving data center hardware. You need to know what is what, where hardware needs to be placed and who hardware belongs to, among other things. Don't just blindly start writing things on labels, either. Try to come up with a labeling system, and make sure that everyone who is involved in the move understands it. Then, carefully label each piece of hardware before packing it up. Make sure that you place the labels in a way that they will not damage the hardware and that they can easily be removed, too.

3. Packaging it Carefully

One step that you shouldn't speed through when getting your data center hardware equipment ready to move is the packaging process. It might seem like overkill, but you really should use bubblewrap, packing peanuts and newspaper to help with padding and protecting each piece of hardware. Making sure that all boxes are securely closed with plenty of tape is also important, since it helps prevent boxes from splitting open and hardware falling out and being damaged. No matter how carefully the person who is driving the truck that is moving the hardware drives, hardware can be easily damaged during moving if it's not packaged right.