3 Tips for Choosing a Pet-Friendly Security System

3 January 2019
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Adding a security system to your home is an excellent way to deter criminals and protect your valuables. However, if you have pets who stay inside your home during the day, it's important to select a security system appropriate for a space with four-legged family members. Here are a few tips for choosing a security system compatible with the needs of your pet-loving household. 1. Choose a Smart Security System Read More 

Why Satellite Phones Are Great for Equestrians

27 October 2018
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Satellite phones are handy for many people, including those who own and work with horses. These are just some of the primary reasons why equestrians can benefit from owning satellite phones. Many Farms are Located in Rural Areas Many people who own and work with horses purchase properties in rural areas. After all, it is often hard for horse enthusiasts to find properties that are large enough for their needs when they look in the city or the suburbs. Read More 

Tips For Homeowners Wanting To Install A Security System

19 September 2018
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An alarm system may be the most important component for protecting your home. If you have never owned a home security system, it can be beneficial to have an accurate understanding of the types of considerations and steps that will come with using alarm systems to protect your home. Focus Attention On Areas That Contain Valuable Items When you are choosing where to place the components of the security system, you may want to focus additional resources on the areas where you tend to keep your most valuable and important items. Read More 

3 Websites You Need To Be On To Get Foot Traffic To Your Business

18 September 2018
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In the old days, people only needed to rely on the white pages and signs outside their business in order to attract people to their business. These days, however, people may completely ignore the fact that your business exists unless you have a presence on the internet. If you're not listed on these three sites, you're missing out on online marketing for local businesses. 1. Facebook Having a Facebook page for a business is a must. Read More 

Why Fast Steering Mirrors Need To Be So Speedy

14 September 2018
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Fast steering mirrors have multiple applications. From putting on a laser light show to refractive eye surgery, these mirrors do a lot, and they all do it very fast. There are some very valid reasons for mirrors to steer so quickly too. Lasers Do NOT Move in Slo-Mo Fast steering mirrors are fast because lasers are never slow. If the mirrors do not move as fast or faster than any laser, the targeted areas will be missed, and the lasers will not get to the target area. Read More